The Best Things To See And Do In Tennessee

The Best Things To See And Do In Tennessee

Tennessee is home to some pretty historic figures. Davy Crockett, a frontier hero turned Congressman hailed from the state and President Andrew Jackson’s home, the Hermitage is where he is buried. Another U.S. President, James Polk lived in Tennesee and was the author of the largest territorial expansion the United States ever made. The former Tennessee Governor, Andrew Johnson became the U.S. President following Abraham Lincoln’s assassination.

The state is named after the Tennessee River. The word Tennessee comes from the name of a Cherokee village, Tanasie. The state sent so many volunteers to fight in the Mexican War and the War of 1812, that it is known as the Volunteer State.

The state has three distinct geographic regions – east, central and west Tennessee. In the east, Knoxville and Chatanooga are part of the industrial complex that has continued to grow since the 20th century.

Central Tennessee is primarily plateaus, hills, and farmland. There is a robust transportation system that connects this part of the state with the rest. Nashville, home to the Grand Old Opry and the Country Music Capital of the World is located in middle Tennesee.

The west part of the state lies along the Mississippi River. Memphis is the major city in this part of the state. It is the largest city in the state and one of the primary commerce centers.

Historically, Tennessee has been an agricultural state, but that has slowly changed over the last century. Today, the state’s primary industry is manufacturing. The Tennessee Valley Authority provides cheap electricity by harnessing the power of water. The TVA built both flood-control and hydroelectric dams to lower the cost of electricity and to attract more businesses to the state.

The state is rich with attractions and entertainment options for visitors. They are home to the Tennessee Titans professional football team and during the fall, visitors from all over the world visit the Great Smoky Mountains to see the fall colors.

The state also offers everything from wine to whiskey to moonshine. The Jack Daniel’s distillery gives tours and tasting samples. There are vineyards throughout the state producing some world-class wines and of course, no visit to Tennessee would be complete without trying some of the state favorite Ole Smoky Tennessee Moonshine.

Amusement park enthusiasts should not miss Dollywood in Pigeon Forge. This is a great amusement park offering theaters, a water park, outstanding restaurants and a constant variety of shows.